Sean Price and his Random Axe group members—Black Milk and Guilty Simpson—released their self-titled debut earlier this month, and during a new interview with The Come Up Show TV, the Brownsville rapper touched on his current and upcoming projects.

Price talked about the music he’s recorded for his solo album Mic Tyson explaining that the songs weren’t aimed at radio success. “I just make what I make and I stick with it,” he said. “I’ve done other songs, I’ve done a remix with the Destiny’s Child, ‘Girls,’ but that ain’t my shit. I did it but that don’t mean I like it. I wanna do shit I like. I don’t make girl songs and all that shit man.”

In regards to the anticipated Random Axe album, Sean P revealed that one of his favorite songs is the track “Chewbacca,” before he detailed some of his experiences recording with Black Milk and Guilty Simpson. “Black will play the beat and he’ll be like, ‘Yo, you should write a verse to this.’ I go ‘yeah,’ and I go on a roll,” he said. 



Following the release of his long-delayed Mic Tyson LP, fans can expect yet another album from the outspoken rapper. “I got one more project with Ill Bill called The Pill,” he said. “After that I don’t know what I’ma do.”

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