Hip Hop trio Random Axe, which consists of rappers Sean Price and Guilty Simpson as well as producer/rapper Black Milk, recently caught up with BlowHipHopTV.com to speak on everything from their new eponymous debut to the origins of their group name.

Black Milk, whose main focus when it came to the album was production and arrangements, spoke on how Random Axe was formed.

“We came together through my man Guilty’s album. My man Hex Murda he shouted out Sean P to get on Guilty’s last album, Ode To The Ghetto, to do a feature and I did the beat and what not,” Black Milk explained. “The song came out dope as hell and we was like ‘Yo, we might as well continue.’ So we was like why don’t we try and do some more joints. We took it from there and like let’s take it further and do an album. That’s what we did and called the album Random Axe.”

When speaking on the arrangement of the album, the Detroit rapper/producer shared that as far as the arrangement is concerned Random Axe sounds more like a mixtape.

“The whole album is damn near like a mixtape. Everything is on beat, back-to-back; each song goes right into it. So just having that rapper/producer brain it makes it easy for me to arrange the album. People will be able to see and understand and feel the flow consistently of the whole album,” said Black Milk.

In the interview Guilty Simpson addressed what very well may be one of the most asked questions when it comes to Random Axe and that is their name. The rapper revealed that the name actually came about due to one of his verses.

“Basically we was kinda like throwing around the names,” Simpson explained. “Hex kinda proposed it and then I started a verse on ‘Run’: ‘Random axe in a jam with macks.’ And more or less just stuck from there. We was kinda throwing around ideas, but we never really had the name…I think that was kinda dope anyway cause maybe a premeditated name might have been kinda corny. At least too corny for us anyway cause we ain’t the corny guys.”   

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