Contrary to what fans may believe, rappers don’t live a music video 24 hours a day. Both the ice and the ice grills come off and real life has a way of ensuing. Showing that rappers are more than just money, cash, hoes, HipHopDX is introducing a new column that allows you a glimpse into the thoughts of your favorite rhyme spitters on the most regular topics. Rap is a prohibited subject. We’ll shoot the breeze with your favorite emcees as we do what you’ve probably wanted to always do, talk to rappers about regular stuff.

First up is Sean Price. The Boot Camp Click alum does have his upcoming album Mic Tyson on the way, but today, we’re pushing the beats and rhymes to the side. Instead, P talks about why being a vegetarian was wack, Valentine’s day with the Mrs., preparing for the birth of his first daughter, the bum-ass Knicks and Haiti.

HipHopDX: Yo P, what up homie?
Sean Price: I’m good, how you?

DX: Man I gotta keep it real, I’m kinda tired man. Was thinking of taking one of those 5-Hour Energy joints. You ever tried that ?
Sean Price: Um, not before a show but one time I was doing a show out in Bmore and this guy wanted to do a feature with me in North Virginia, which isn’t that far, but it was a little ride. I was tired after the show so I drunk one of those. It actually does work.

DX: Oh word? Like, were you bouncing off the walls and all that?
Sean Price: No. And I don’t drink Red Bulls cause they don’t work. But the little 5-Hour thing…and I ain’t even have to drink it all.

DX: So they’re official?
Sean Price: Yeah.

DX: Aight, I been hearing people talking about global warming and going green lately. How you feel about going green?
Sean Price: I mean, anything to save the environment. But one thing I do know is it costs a lot of money to go green. So I don’t necessarily have the finances to go green, nah mean? Even if you wanna go organic, that shit costs more than the regular stuff so…my finances ain’t really up to go fully green. I might have a solar-powered calculator, but that’s it.

DX: Ha, ha. So we ain’t gon see you up in Whole Foods?
Sean Price: I mean, I be up in Whole Foods. I did the whole vegetarian thing for a whole year last year.

DX: For real, how’d that work out for you?
Sean Price: I hated it ! Man, it was the worst. Yeah, it was the worst. I went to Whole Foods and got the little vegetarian sausages and little things, and that was cool, but for the most part, I hated it. And I aint even lose no weight. I lost more weight this year by working out and just watching what I eat.

What’s your work out looking like? What you going in the gym doing?
Sean Price: Nah, no gym. I got The Perfect Push Up. Plus I do a lot of drugs and drink a lot of water, so it’s cool. I lost 30 pounds so far. My stomach is gone! I opened up a can of squid today, ate that right out the can and drunk like three glasses of water. That’s something I got from jail, eating the squid out the can.

DX: So your wife’s pretty much cooking everything in your crib…
Sean Price: Yeah, my wife do all the cooking. Contrary to the song “Heartburn” where I said “the bitch can’t cook,” – she definitely smacked me in the back of the head for that one – she know how to cook. She get in. And she don’t fry nothing so we don’t really eat fried foods.

DX: Speaking of the wife, Valentine’s Day is coming up. How you gone do it up for your lady this year ?
Sean Price: Man, I don’t know what I’m gonna do this year. Last year it was the Junior’s, you know the heart-shaped cheesecake with the strawberries on it and the cookies, like the lips with the “I love You” on it and all that. Year before that, it was a gold and ruby set from Zale’s, you know the heart, the chain, the ring, the earrings. I don’t know what I’m gonna do this year. And I have a child on the way, March 20. And the baby shower is in February so we might just skip Valentine’s day this year.

DX: Oh, aight. Congrats on your unborn child. But you can’t skip out on that question though. When people think of you they think of this big burly dude, but what’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for your lady?
Sean Price: You right, I am a bully. Let me figure this out…I don’t know man. I just get her what she wants. I don’t really know if it’s romantic. I surprise her with things. I mean, I’m definitely not the rose petal in the tub-ass nigga. I definitely ain’t do that. Not saying I wouldn’t, I just haven’t done it yet.

DX: Well there you go. That’s the idea for this year then…
Sean Price: True. But she pregnant though now, nahmean? So, ehh…..

DX: Ha. With you about to become a father, what kind of changes is that going to bring to your day-to-day ?
Sean Price: Well, I mean, it’s my first daughter and all my friends are telling me it’s gonna be different. I already got two boys, but it’s different and I’m already feeling it, like, I’m gonna be a watchdog now. With boys, you know, they gonna be men so its love but it’s tough love. My daughter is different. Man, I got friends harder than me man, rough dudes. They be like, “Man, I be crying for my daughter man, I’m a sucker  for her.” So I’m like, aw man. I just feel sorry for her second boyfriend, ’cause the first one I’m gonna merk straight off the bat. He gonna have to come right, cause they gon be like, “You know he murdered the first boyfriend right?” I just feel sorry for him. And I’m naming her after me, S-h-a-u-n Price.

DX: That’s crazy. A female Sean Price. But yo, what if she brings home a rapper ?
Sean Price: I mean, hey. I’m just gonna put her on the game man, the tricks of the trade. Every trick I ever tried to lure a girl in, I’m gonna tell her. So…if she be aware of it, hopefully I can train her right, nah mean? I definitely was a dog so I’m gonna tell her everything. I’m not gonna hide nothing.

DX: So in a few years we gonna see you doing the Daddy Day Care thing and going to the father-daughter dances…
Sean Price: Oh, no question. I already got the iPod up to her stomach that says the alphabet. In English and in Spanish. That, and she hear her numbers, in English and Spanish and my songs. That’s all I play on the stomach.

DX: Speaking of play, wussup with your Knicks man? It gotta be hard rooting for them sometimes.
Sean Price: Yeah, I’m a Knicks fan. I go through hell and back every year with that.

DX: But I remember a couple years back they had a hell of a team, talent wise, but they still couldn’t do anything. What do they need?
Sean Price: Man, you know what it seems like? Whenever we get talent, they ain’t shit when they get to New York. It’s like they don’t know what to do with their players. Like, I’m looking at Zach Randolph play the other day, for the Grizzlies, he wasn’t doing none of that shit when he was in New York. We had Antonio McDyess, he wasn’t doing none of that shit in New York. He was doing good before us, then came here, left and went to Detroit and got a ring. Every time we get somebody…

DX: You see what Jamal Crawford’s doing with Atlanta…
Sean Price: Exactly ! Yeah. Everybody. We had Trevor Ariza at one time. But they looking ok now. It’s still kinda early. David Lee is doing his thing. I didn’t like Nate Robinson before, but he’s kinda showing his ass now. No Bruno!

DX: So what you think about the whole Gilbert Arenas thing man ?
Sean Price: [Sighs] Man, I just don’t understand Gilbert Arenas. I’m not gonna call him stupid, I think he just made a stupid move. He say he live in Virginia. Brought his guns to the locker room to keep them away from the kids but, a dude like that, you’re a legal dude. A nigga like me, if I had a gun in the house, I’d have gun charges. A dude like him, if your guns are legal, you ain’t gotta take ‘em out the house to keep them away from the kids. They got all types of locks, trigger locks, safe boxes that you could get dude. I don’t understand that move at all.

DX: You think it was right for him to get suspended for the rest of the season ?
Sean Price: I mean, it ain’t Plaxico Burress bad, but it’s still bad. Like Charles Barkley said, “I don’t think it’s a $90 million mistake where they should just shut your whole contract down, you didn’t hurt nobody,” thank God. You hurting your pockets right now.

DX: Mark McGuire admitted to the steroids thing…
Sean Price: Man, I don’t know what to think about that. If I played baseball, would I use steroids… probably not. Any medicine that’s gonna fuck with my manhood…I’m not fucking with it. Period. Fuck a baseball. My shit ain’t working right because I’m trying to get muscles? I’m not messing with none of that.

DX: Not to get too heavy on you, but with what happened in Haiti, has that effected you at all personally ?
Sean Price: I mean, I’m not Haitian, but I have a lot of Haitian friends. If you buy and Duck Down albums on iTunes right now, all of the proceeds go towards Haiti. But of course it’s gonna effect me. Whether I was born here or there, it doesn’t matter. It’s still a messed up situation. It ain’t even a color thing, it’s a people thing. And the news only shows people looting, but they’re not looting, they’re surviving. It was never sweet over there to begin with. I don’t like how the media portrays it. That’s not looting, that’s surviving. I just hope they get the funds and the aid that they need to get right and get better.

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