Houston-based label Rap-A-Lot 2K Records has brought a lawsuit against Pimp C’s wife, Chinara Butler, in order to gain access to unreleased music from the late rapper. 

The new suit trickled down from an agreement Pimp C made with Rap-A-Lot Records in 2000 that allegedly gave the label sole rights to his masters recordings. Following his death in 2007, Pimp C’s wife gained control of the rapper’s estate, at which point she altered the label agreement.

Under the updated terms, Pimp C’s estate was expected to deliver 10 masters recordings to close his deal, but AllHipHop reports that last week Butler’s attorney demanded the label cease and desist any work with Pimp C. In a faxed letter, Butler also took aim at the Rap-A-Lot 2K for failing to properly compensate her and other employees involved with Pimp C’s music. Rap-A-Lot fired back with a lawsuit aiming to establish legal entitlement to Pimp C’s brand, including his music, name and public image.

Pimp C, formerly a member of UGK, was found dead in his Hollywood hotel room in December 2007 after ingesting a lethal mixture of the drug Promethazine with his sleep apnea prescription.

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