Brooklyn, New York’s Skyzoo has a lot to say on his latest release, The Great Debater, a project that he is currently promoting. To this point, Skyzoo stopped by to speak on the new project, the state of Hip Hop and more. With what he refers to as “humble honesty,” Skyzoo says the new material off of The Great Debater will trounce competitors.

When asked about the state of the game, Skyzoo explained that blogs have shifted the perception from the “Hip Hop is dead” stance that was prevalent a few years ago.  

“Now, you’ve got the blogs in such prominence and in such high regard,” he explained. “That being said, the game is in a better place than where it could be because if you don’t like what’s out there, there is another route. It’s not like you’re forced into one world.” 

Those who choose to take the route Skyzoo is on will find his latest project, The Great Debater. According to Sky, this mixtape will place him higher on the top emcees list. 

“It’s better than everybody else you’re listening to on your iPod at the moment,” he noted with confidence. “It’s just what it is. But, it’s the humble truth, the humble honesty.” 

For more from the interview, check the video below. 

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(June 13)

UPDATE: Duck Down Music has announced that Skyzoo’s The Great Debater will be released on iTunes with four additional songs. The retail mixtape will sell for $7.99, and be available August 30.