Moments after he was released from his three-year bid in prison, Prodigy first spoke with 50 Cent on the phone. The Mobb Deep member recalls chatting with the G-Unit leader and going to meet up with him to discuss his group’s future.

“First person was 50. As soon as I got out the gate, I got a phone call saying 50 came to town to see me so I jetted right to the office and we had a good long talk,” he told MTV2’s Sucker Free. “We was just talking about what we wanted to do, both our plans for the future. His plans, Mobb Deep plans and just different things that happened while I was gone and where we need to be taking it to next.”

Though P and Havoc split from G-Unit Records, he insists that it’s nothing but love for Fif and the crew. “It was just a contractual stipulation, one of the clauses in the contract where too much space happens or there’s no distributor and we get released,” he continued. “So it was in our favor so we don’t get stuck on no contract somewhere and don’t have a distributor. We got mad love for G-Unit [and] 50. That’s our boys. We all from Queens, we all hang out together every day still. It’s all love.”

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