Prodigy and Havoc are back in full swing following P’s recent release from prison, and they’re hard at work on their forthcoming LP. While backstage at this year’s Rock the Bells press conference, Hav revealed that the duo is courting guest features from artists including Wiz Khalifa, Odd Future, Nas, Rick Ross and Lil’ Kim.

“Of course, you’re going to have Alchemist to do something on the album. There’s going to be a couple of features you wouldn’t expect on the album,” he told HardKnockTV. “Definitely reaching out to the younger generation. Your Wiz Khalifas, Odd Future, things of that nature. Seriously. Not even just saying that, because those are the names now that have been in talks. I believe we’re going to make that happen.”

He also spoke on trying to link with Rick Ross, though it may or may not happen. “We tried to get up with Rick Ross. I’m not going to say that’s not going to happen, but we trying. We’re trying to do a lot of things,” he said.

After reuniting with Lil’ Kim on stage earlier this month at New York City’s Best Buy Theater, Mobb Deep will join forces with the Queen Bee on an upcoming track. “Lil’ Kim, definitely. For sure. Definitely,” he stated. “It was crazy. She’s like a sister to me. To get her back on stage to see her move and do all of that, it was ill.”

In addition to reuniting with Kim, the Queensbridge rappers mended fences with Nas, revealing to HipHopDX that they’re recording a full-length album together. He elaborated by explaining that they had too much history to beef.

“When P came home, it was in our head like, yo, we really need to sew up that relationship because we were all cool once upon a time,” he said. “What a waste of friendship it is to not be cool anymore. It’s stupid. We older now, so we reached out to Nas. He was receptive to it, and it was like friends all over again. It was like we never stopped speaking. So we did the ‘Dog Shit’ song. To me, it’s a hip-hop classic, but it’ll take a couple of years to become that. That’s what came out of it. So doing Rock the Bells, we’re gonna drag him out, bring him back on stage with us, and he could leave after that.”

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