During a recent trip to London, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa met up with producer Ski Beatz for an in-depth interview with Soul Culture TV. In his interview, he addressed fellow rapper Curren$y, becoming a better artist and dealing with negativity.

When asked about Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa explained that a lot of people have yet to “get” the rapper.

“Curren$y is like ahead of me I feel. I feel like that,” he explained. “I feel like Spitta is ahead of the fuckin’ game. People are gonna get it later though and when they do they’ll be like ‘holy shit.’ We’re just lucky enough to understand it now.”

With three studio albums behind him, the Pittsburgh rapper shared that he feels like he’s now at a point where he’s beginning to become more creative and lyrical with his music.

“I feel myself getting better lyrically. More creative as far as songwriting and sequencing and just placing stuff the right way. ‘Cause sometimes it’s not even what you say, it’s where you say it at,” he added.

Lastly, Wiz gave his thoughts on the negativity his music and persona sometimes get on the internet.

“Some people have no respect, too. You’ve gotta respect somebody’s grind who works hard. You can’t have your own personal attachment to it,” he explained. “I don’t make the type of music for everybody, or you might not like me or what I do but you’ve gotta understand what I work towards and where I’m at now and you can’t take that from me because nobody just handed it to me.”

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