Yelawolf’s Shady Records Radioactive is on the way, but he’s dropping info ahead of its release. The Alabama native has revealed that the album’s first single will be titled “Gangster of Love” and will feature G.O.O.D. Music’s CyHi Da Prynce.

“My three little things today are rapping, skateboarding and Jack Daniels,” he told 3 Little Digs. “Those are my three little things today. I let CyHi come in and partake in, it’s called ‘Gangster of Love.’ This is my first official, for real for real single shit.”

Yela has been hard at work on his Shady debut, most recently revealing that he enlisted label head Eminem to contribute beats to the album. “He was just excited man, which made me even more excited about it,” he said. “So we set up some time to work for Marshall to get in and do some production on it and do some arrangements, of course, for music. Kind of to coach the album. I get besides myself thinking really thinking of having him to really go to for advice on how to structure records and just whatever possible. Just using the genius. He’s psyched.”

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