Yelawolf is working closely with Eminem on his upcoming Shady Records debut, Radioactive. The Alabama spitter recently revealed he put in studio time with Marshall after recording the album during a two-week period at Marley Marl’s Las Vegas studio.

After laying down the LP, Yela played the work-in-progress for Em. “He was just excited man, which made me even more excited about it,” he told “So we set up some time to work for Marshall to get in and do some production on it and do some arrangements, of course, for music. Kind of to coach the album. I get besides myself thinking really thinking of having him to really go to for advice on how to structure records and just whatever possible. Just using the genius. He’s psyched.”

The MC, who will release Radioactive through Shady, Ghet-O-Vision and Interscope Records, also discussed the commonalities between him and Em. “There’s a real mutual respect as far as being MC’s and as songwriters, and he sees where I want to be,” he continued. “He knows where I want to go, and he’s just there to help me get to that point. Shady’s like my first real opportunity to let the world hear my music.”

With his recent retail mixtape Trunk Muzik 0-60 focusing on his Alabama roots, Yela explained that this album will broaden the scope.

Radioactive exemplifies my inspirations, rather than just putting out music that’s just regional and more influenced with what’s going on in my corner,” he said. “It’s more influenced with what’s going on in the world. It’s patriotic, in a sense. I’m really taking on America’s problems and issues, good and bad, on some records, and bringing in influences from early childhood to now and not just sticking to one formula but actually bringing in features and to just broaden the sound. Concepts I’ve been waiting to put out for years. I’m excited, man. They’re going to be really surprised when they hear the music.”

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