Looking at our Gucci its about that time…for another edition of HipHopDX’s “Loose Links.” We can guarantee that our late pass on some of these items was not caused by 4/20. Aside from being extra busy, some of these were just too good to pass up no matter when they dropped.

“Growing like grass with mass appeal…”

Tuesday, April 19 marked one year since the untimely death of Keith “Guru” Elam. In a proud demonstration of how Hip Hop preserves and honors its cultural touchstones, there was no shortage of Guru tributes. Feel free to begin with DX’s own “Throwback Thursday” selection of Gang Starr’s “Royalty.” But since you can’t really go wrong paying homage to one of Hip Hop’s greatest duos, we’re shining the spotlight on Chairman Mao’s 50 Greatest Gang Starr Songs. Our brethren at Complex.com made us aware of this Web gem—and it was only fitting to pass it on as we kept the Gang Starr iTunes playlist going two days later.

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“I get dressed at the mall brand new hats and kicks…”

E-40’s timeless style doesn’t only apply to his slang. We caught wind of Earl’s collaboration with streetwear company Undrcrwn while surfing the Web. Undercrwn is pairing old school snapback hats with “Revenue Retrievin’” themed E-40 shirts as part of their Undr Rated collection. If you’re in the Bay area, catch 40 at the meet and greet launch event at True East in Walnut Creek. More information is available at the official Undrcrwn blog.

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“What is you smokin’? Them bogus growers they got you chokin’…”

Sure, 4/20 was yesterday, but this cyber roach in the ashtray was too good to pass up. This is essentially nine minutes of Curren$y, Fiend and Trademark Da Skydiver just chilling. But after the straight comedy of Fiend’s lung almost collapsing after a hit of that killer (skip to the 3:11 mark), you get treated to a nice freestyle session toward the end…Jets!

Watch: Curren$y, Fiend & Trademark Da Skydiver: Rooftop Freestyle Session

“Elevating styles beyond explication; turn up the notch increase the amplification…”

Want 1,000 bucks and a chance to direct the next Stones Throw video? Get your directing game up and head over to StonesThrow.com. In celebration of their 15-year anniversary (damn, we’re getting old), the label is offering fans a chance to direct their next video and get paid in the process. So far, it looks like Steve Smith’s re-imagination of J. Dilla’s “Geekdown” is getting the most love from fans, and it’s not hard to see why. This video looks like an acid trip from Hell, and we mean that in the most flattering way possible. If you want to throw your name in the ring, hurry up. Peanut Butter Wolf said the contest is closed to new entries as of July 1.

Enter “Stones Throw’s Video Contest.”