Recently, DJ Premier said in an interview that Canibus was one of his most difficult clients, back when the two tried to collaborate for Canibus’ debut, Can-I-Bus. Canibus quickly responded on wax, releasing “Tell the Truth/Monster.”

While on his “Live From Headqcourterz” show, DJ Premier gave his take on the track.

Preme explained his side of the matter. “After [Canibus] watched [the DJ Vlad interview], obviously he responded, which I didn’t even expect him to do. Because he’s angry, saying, why am I even bringing up something that’s fourteen years old, and bringing it up now?”

DJ Premier then began addressing Bis’ claims and questions one by one. “He said, and I quote, ‘Why shovel shit on me?’ which I didn’t do. ‘Who you working for?’ I work for myself, I’m self-employed at Year Round Records. He said, ‘What agenda do you have, and how [are you] helping Hip Hop by doing that?’ I’m helping Hip Hop by doing this show right here, ‘Live From Headqcourterz.'”

Premier also clarified the incongruity in Canibus’ timeline, clarifying that he produced Christina Aguilera’s record in 2005, which would not have lined up with the incident with Canibus to which Premier referred in 1998. “If it was in 2005, how the hell was I telling you that in 1998? And I don’t tell any artist how much I’m making.”

After assuring that he has no problems with Bis, Premier added, “The truths are coming from me because it’s an actual fact. I’m the first guy to give you back your check for not finishing a job we thought was gonna go down.”

“I don’t want to take it to the level of doing a record that will outdo your record, ‘cuz nobody’s record will outdo mine. Please believe me. It will be the funkiest thing since dog shit.”