The internet was abuzz yesterday when DJ Premier revealed that Canibus was one of his most difficult clients to work with. In the interview, Preme explained how a track originally intended for ‘Bis became D’Angelo’s smash hit, “Devil’s Pie.”

In response, Canibus released “Tell the Truth/Monster (DJ Premier Diss),” a track giving his side of the story.

In between verses, Canibus quietly speaks on the situation, saying, “Check this out: it ain’t never right to lie on a brother. Tell the truth. If it got something to do with me and you, and you gonna air it out to the world…I came up to the studio to discuss the track, how we was supposed to do it, you told me you was getting [$80,000] a track from Christina Aguilera…you was cheesin’.”

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The timeline of the comments – Premier didn’t produce tracks for Christina Aguilera until 2006 – seems to be off, as “Devil’s Pie” was released in 2000.

‘Bis continued, adding, “You charged me 40 gs for the track you was gonna do, [we] cut you the check, sent you the first half, scheduled studio time, came up to D&D [Studios]…first day you was an hour late; second day, you was two hours late; third day, you was three hours late; fourth day, you was four hours late. C’mon, man. Tell the truth.”

“When I stepped to you and asked you, ‘C’mon, man, you gonna be five hours late tomorrow?’ You said, ‘Yo, my bad, ‘Bis. I had to move my mother out her house.’ I said, ‘Aiight, just call, let me know that you’re busy, so I don’t have to wait for you…’ I had shit to do. Everybody got shit to do around five o’clock in the evening.”