As previously reported, Lupe Fiasco began the week atop the sales charts after selling 204,000 copies of his third album, Lasers. According to Lupe, his doctor has him on vocal rest, so in lieu of an interview, he took to Twitter and responded to the news with a rhyme composed as a series of tweets, writing the following:

“Love got me thru it / Best fans ever made the whole world care / Had 51st & 6th looking like Tahrir Square / Took Gaza Strip’s politics / And put them number one and shit / Took the myth that conscious don’t equal commercial / And mothafuckin’ pummeled it / Apologize for dumbing it / But look what has become of it / All Black Everything / Some old white southern woman humming it…”

The Chicago emcee addressed his previous statements about the emotional toll creating the album caused, referring to what seemed to be a thinly veiled reference to suicide on “Beautiful Lasers” by saying, “From the backseats of phantoms I thought of leaving thru suicide doors.”

There were also mentions of the Fiasco Friday protest, a short-lived feud with and admission that Lupe modified the stance he took on “Dumb It Down” in hopes of repairing his strained relationship with Atlantic records. All told, the bars amounted to a total of nine Twitter messages, including condolences for Nate Dogg and those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

and there it will remain, for atleast another week, right at number 1, hahaha yeah nigguh, stay strong Japan, Nate Dogg REST IN PEACE!!!about 19 hours ago
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