Lil Boosie has been locked up since June of 2010 after being formally indicted for his alleged role in the 2009 shooting of Terry Boyd. Since the trial began there have been accusations of racism on the part of District Attorney Hiller Moore and unfounded claims that Boosie is linked to an additional six murders. DJ Drama recently interviewed Boosie’s lawyer, Jason Williams, in an attempt to get a clear explanation of Boosie’s legal situation. Drama referenced a CBS report, which stated the following:

“DA Hiler Moore says it’s quite possible Lil Boosie is connected to a string of murders. Police recently arrested nine men for the deaths of six others. Police say Boosie is part of this web. One other name stands out, 17-year-old Michael Louding is the only one charged with each murder.”

According to Williams, Boosie—born Torrence Hatch—has never been charged in the six murders mentioned. Williams also feels his client has been done a disservice in regards to the charges in the Boyd murder case.

“The D.A. is trying to convince the public that there’s a series of cases,” Williams said. “There’s one case he’s charged with. But that’s the level of injustice this office is going to to go after an innocent man. In the once case, there’s not a single bit of evidence that involves Lil Boosie other than the fact that he’s a young black male that did well in Baton Rouge.”

Those in Boosie’s camp believe the rapper is being targeted by the District Attorney’s office due to a personal vendetta sparked by the song “Fuck Em All.” Previous attempts to have Moore removed from the case have been unsuccessful.

“Yes, Torrance is innocent,” Connie Hatch, Boosie’s mother said in a written statement shown during the premier of the “Green Light” video Boosie filmed before his incarceration. “This charge has placed a huge emotional and financial burden on the family.”