HOT 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex and his wife Monica-Joseph Taylor have finally addressed a recent incident in which Flex was arrested at his Westchester home at the request of Taylor. Both Funkmaster Flex and Taylor remained relatively brief when addressing the incident.

“We’re doing okay…I would love everyone to respect the privacy of my family – for me and my children,” said Taylor when approached by reporters outside her home, reports

And when asked for more details on the incident between herself and Funkmaster Flex Taylor responded, “You’d have to buy me dinner.”

Funkmaster Flex also shared his thoughts on the arrest at an event on Friday, February 4.

“Yes, we had words,” Flex explained to the audience. “Yes, there was an argument. Yes, there was a phone broken. Yes, there were police called. I love my fans, and I encourage all of them to work things out in their own marriages”

Funkmaster Flex was arrested early morning Friday when a woman claimed that he pushed her, threatened to break her cell phone, and threatened to harm her. Flex was later released from jail on $500 bail.

Taylor and Funkmaster Flex have been together for over a decade and currently have two children together.