Hot 97’s legendary deejay and evening radio host Funkmaster Flex has been arrested, reports The Hip Hop personality, and former Loud/RCA Records artist was reportedly taken in from his home by Westchester, New York police officers after a 40-year-old woman alleges that he shoved her, attempted to break her cell phone and threatened bodily harm.

Funkmaster Flex has been released on $500 bail, and is awaiting a court date.

#IFWT (Pic) Funk Flex Mug Shot “Man I never thought I’d be posting this” -Funk Flex 1 hour ago via TweetMeme

Flex acknowledged the incident by posting his mugshots on his blog—InFlexWeTrust. After the tongue-in-cheek tweet stating, “Man I never thought I would be posting this…” Flex posted a similar message stating he was “arrested for allegedly breaking a woman’s phone & having a suspended license.”

#IFWT Funk Flex Arrested for Allegedly breaking a womans phone & having a suspended license.. 2 hours ago via TweetMeme