This year, a video surfaced online of Funkmaster Flex discussing Tupac by saying he “don’t fuck with 2Pac.” He also added, “I don’t suck 2Pac’s dick.” The rant, shown in a video, also shows Flex asking fans if they miss The Notorious B.I.G. after saying that about Tupac, refueling flames of the famed battle that divided the nation and culture, one that claimed lives of two emcees. 

2Pac’s group The Outlawz went on to drop “Warning Shots,” a diss to Flex. The track is laced with lines including, “[Funkmaster Flex is] half of the reason Nas said Hip Hop died in New York,” accusing him of payola and adding that others, DJ Clue and Kay Slay, are better than him. 

Flex more recently took to his radio program to clarify those words and speak on how he feels about the matter. 

“I know some of his fans are upset,” he noted on HOT 97. “Not only do I respect his music, I respect what he put down, what he made happen, the records he made, the records he sold, his positive energy in the beginning…and I know how passionate he was about his music. That’s not where any of this came from.”

“Yes, he was very talented. Yes, he made great records and I also think he brought a negative energy into the game with the beefing and the erratic energy and the threats.” 

“Yeah, maybe I should have did it like that or said it there and I didn’t clarify myself when it happened. My bad to his fans who feel like I’m kicking somebody when they’re not here. But when he was here, ‘Pac was pushing out all that negative energy on television and in magazines. I know everybody loves the man and they should love him. But, I don’t have to love him like that. I don’t have to love ‘Pac like that. I don’t. This is just the way I feel.”