As he gears up for the release of his labels first compilation Get Used To Us, DJ Premier sat down with True Stories Radio and talked about some upcoming productions, among other things. 

“I’m working on Busta Rhymes’ new album, we doin’ that,” said Premier who has never appeared on a Busta Rhymes solo album. “I just did a joint with The Game called “Born In The Trap” and now I’m doing a second one with Game. It came out dope, real gutter so I’ll be on Game’s new album.”

“I did scratches for Kanye’s new album. I did a beat for him too but we ended up not using it, but I scratches for him on a joint called “Mama’s Boy. So that’s going to be on the bonus album, the one with the bonus songs. I just did that one last week, it was last minute he called me and said ‘I need that’ so I laced him with like seven different variations of cuts and let him do his own thing on the mix. So that will be coming out.” The song is scheduled to appear as an iTunes bonus track.

Premier has also been in the lab with R&B legend Mary J. Blige. “Me and Mary J. Blige have hooked up, we haven’t done anything yet that she’s chosen but she’s just starting, she’s maybe only four or five songs deep. I told her ‘keep nailing it ’til we get something you like,’ I definitely want to work with Mary.”

Premo also spoke briefly about Jay-Z, a one time frequent collaborator who he hasn’t worked with since In My Lifetime Vol. 3 in 1999. “Shout out to Hov, we just ran into each other the other day at one of Mary J. Blige’s sessions and we talked about getting together on the next project. I hope it happens, I love working with Jay. He’s a guarantee you know?”

Check out the complete interview below.