Whether it was Eminem working at a diner, or Jay-Z hustling on the corner, every emcee had a job prior to rocking the stage and recording records for mass consumption.

In a recent interview with billboard.com, Nicki Minaj discussed what her work experiences were like.

“The last job I had was as an office manager in a little, tiny room where I literally wanted to strangle this guy because he was so loud and obnoxious,” revealed the always-animated Minaj.

“I would go home with stress pains in my neck and my back. That’s when I went to my mother and said, ‘Look, I’m not going back to work.'”

In a moment of self-awareness, Minaj revealed that she had “been fired like 15 times because I had a horrible attitude. I worked at Red Lobster before that and I chased a customer out of the restaurant once so I could stick my middle finger up at her and demand that she give me my pen back. I swear to God I was bad.”

Watch video of the interview below: