Shade 45 radio personality Angela Yee recently caught up with RocNation artist J. Cole at the Eminem/Jay-Z show at Yankee Stadium and spoke to Cole about his new labelmate Willow Smith, his upcoming mixtape, and more.

“I haven’t met her, but I did just get a phone call that the family wants to meet me,” said J. Cole. “Cause I got so many raps shouting out Will Smith. I don’t know if you really notice I shout him out on ‘Who Dat,’ ‘A Star Is Born’…That’s just cause I got a high respect for him and even his family right now they got a perfect life. So I can’t wait to meet little Willow.”

J. Cole was somewhat reluctant to speak on his new mixtape, but did reveal that it will be released in early October.

“Really when I decided to do the mixtape it was on some spur of the moment,” J. Cole explained. “I had just did the song and I’m like ‘Damn I got all this music fuck it let’s just put out a mixtape.’ And now it’s like we putting together mixtapes like this is in the album, but that’s what today’s game is. I’m calling it a mixtape for the sake of calling it a mixtape, but it’s really an album in a sense.”

As far as the release date for a studio album J. Cole explained that a solid date is still up in the air.

“I don’t really have a definite date. I could say some shit, but it probably wouldn’t be right,” said Cole.  (September 16)

UPDATE: J. Cole revealed today that the mixtape will be called Friday Night Lights, and is planned for release on November 16. The host site of the tape will be