While at the 2010 Splash! Festival, the Wu-Tang’s head honcho the RZA spoke about his recent trip down to Hawaii to work with Kanye West. He discussed the appreciation he has for Kanye looking to producers and artists like Pete Rock, DJ Premier and himself for guidance. He also related a story of how he and ‘Ye kicked it with Nas on stage while there.

“First of all, I want to say respect to Kanye West for reaching out to the legends of hip-hop,” said the Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah. “Even though he’s a legendary producer himself, he reached back out to the hip-hop community and brought a lot of producers in, a lot of talent in to add energy to his album…that shit was fun, yo.

He added, “One night, Nas had a concert, and I was in the studio with Kanye and he was like ‘Yo, fuck, let’s go to the concert’…we headed over [there], and Nas was like ‘Yo, come on stage, yo!’ I went on stage, did a song with him. It was kind of ill because I think hip-hop artists are like mutants and shit, like the X-Men or some shit. To see us all getting along with each other and showing positive energy, it’s a real good thing, man.” 

RZA also discussed his plans to work with Nas in the near future. Although the two have yet to hit the studio together, he says that there is talk of him and Kanye West producing the QB’s emcee’s next album.

“When I was down there, Nas was down there, my boy [Pusha T] from the Clipse was there,” he explained. “A lot of people were coming in an out and shit, and I started playing a lot of my beats. Nas was like, ‘Damn, yo, what the fuck are you doing with all this music?…We should do some shit together.’ He said maybe me and Kanye could come together and produce [his] album. If that happens, that’d be real fun because I feel Nas is definitely one of the best emcees to touch the mic. I’d love to hear Nas on at least five RZA beats. That shit would be fucking crazy! We did two songs, one was called ‘Verbal Intercourse’ [off Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…], the other one never came out.”