For the past few days, the Internet have been buzzing with rumors of Goodie Mob member Khujo Goodie being sent to prison with a two year sentence. Now, a number of affiliated have come forward to confirm the rapper’s incarceration.

A number of affiliated Dungeon Family acts have registered their complaints against the emcee’s sentence. Big Rube spoke out, saying “I wanna send out nothin but love to my folk Khujo. He didn’t deserve no damn 2 years. To Khujo the realest G I’ve ever met.” A person on Twitter identifying himself as Cee-Lo said he will not rap again until Khujo is free. Finally, Big Boi confirmed the rumors and declared “Free Khujo Goodie” this past week on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” Khujo was most recently featured on Big Boi’s “Tagerine” alongside T.I.

DX will keep you updated as more details about Khujo Goodie’s incarceration come to light.