Although Freeway Ricky Ross was unable to stall the release of Rick Ross’ upcoming album, Teflon Don, he’s still set on pursuing his lawsuit against the rapper.

In an interview with Chicago’s WGCI Ricky Ross explained that his injunction was dismissed because he waited too long to file the lawsuit.

“We didn’t want the album to be released,” Ross explained. “We wanted the album to be stopped. The judge ruled that we waited four years in order to do this. What he’s saying [was] while I was in prison I should have filed the suit. So what we’re doing right now we re-amending the issue and explaining to him that at the time while I was in prison I didn’t have the money and these lawsuits are very expensive.”

Ross also revealed that rapper Rick Ross’ use of his name has created a number of issues for Ross who has focused on changing his image since his release from prison.

“That’s actually cost me jobs. ‘Cause people have said that they thought that I allowed him to use my name. That I gave him permission to use my name,” said Ricky Ross. “That I okayed the situation.”

Towards the end of the interview Ross suggested an interesting, new stage name for the rapper.

“I guess he has an identity crisis,” Ross stated. “He don’t really know who he is. He’s running around with Puffy now maybe he can be Lil’ Puff.”