In a recent interview with, the legendary Kool G Rap talked up his as-of-yet untitled next album. According to G Rap, this album marks the first time in a long while that he has been as excited about rapping as he is now. He says that the album will provide a glimpse at a Giancana rarely seen by his fans.

“I haven’t been this passionate about [spitting] a long time, so when someone asks me a question about it I got so much shit to say, its not just recording a song, this is spilling my fucking guts out there,” the Juice Crew legend explained to “This is G Rap right here, from childhood to adulthood. This is the part that I’ma give the people.”

G Rap also talked about how his passion for the art has dwindled in the past. Yet despite the instances when his interest in rhyming has waned, he maintains this album has renewed his enthusiasm for his craft. 

“This is G Rap being excited about even doing this shit again,” he said. “There’s been times in my life I lost interest, or even desire to do this shit. But this is me.”