M.I.A. recently sat down with MTV News to talk about her latest project ///Y/, which will hit stores next Tuesday. The British music sensation talked about remix to her hit single “XXXO,” to which Jay-Z recently lent a verse. She said she was surprised by the fact that Hova appreciated the song, which she describes as having a more “…electro vibe”.

“I was really surprised he liked ‘XXXO,’ actually. And I was really surprised he liked the version that’s on the album, and not Blaqstarr’s version,” she told MTV News. “It was interesting he liked the one with the crazy synths and stuff. It’s more sort of [an] electro vibe…and his verse [on the ‘XXXO’ remix] is so great. It was good to hear him say the word ‘metrosexual.'”

M.I.A. also said that she’s produced “…the perfect song” for Brooklyn legend. She says the track helped provide ///Y/‘s overall musical direction, but it ultimately didn’t make the final tracklist. 

“I really want to produce for [Jay-Z],” she said. “I have got the perfect song for Jay-Z! In fact, [i]t’s the best one that I had for my album which never made it. [It was] the first song I was really into and the song that actually made my album go in the direction it did, [but it] never actually made the album. But I want to give it to [Jay-Z], because I think it suits him more. It’s insane. He’s never done anything like that.”