Shyne and 50 Cent are at odds. Lately, Shyne has taken a few shots at the G-Unit boss. During a recent interview with Streetz On Fire, 50 Cent addressed those disrespectful comments aimed at him.

“You gotta come with something. For you to even be on that radar, like Shyne when he has something to say…I’m not responding to that because it’s not good enough. The material is not even good enough for me — I would jump out there just because I felt like I was being a part of Hip Hop culture, competing but if you look at it and say who’s really in a position to say something, I shouldn’t even be listening to him.”

Back in April, Lloyd Banks addressed Shyne’s disses, saying 50 laughed about them.

“I spoke with Fif today, he just laughed about it. I heard some other things that Shyne put out and I’ll be the first to tell you and the world, he’s very, very wack.”

Recently, Fif made the headlines for removing tattoos and losing weight for a movie role.