Two years after his last album Brass Knuckles hit shelves, St. Louis rapper Nelly is looking to make a return to rap with his sixth studio release 5.0.

While a tentative release date has not been set, Nelly has already grabbed a handful of star-studded figures to contribute to his latest project, including Usher, Jamie Foxx, Diddy and Akon. Hoping to recapture the success of their 2002 Billboard chart-topping single “Dilemma,” Nelly has also worked with Kelly Rowland for the sequel record respectively titled “Dilemma 2.” Excited about their recent collaboration, Nelly stated, “I’ve reconnected with Kelly Rowland again which was fun. She’s like my little sister.”

Nelly’s 5.0 will be released through Derrty Entertainment/Universal Records.

In other news, rapper Jay Electronica says he’ll be joining forces with 50 Cent on “The Invitation Tour.”

In an interview with, Jay Electronica stated, “I’m touring with G-Unit at the end of the month. I think 50’s gonna be down but right now I don’t even know the dates.”

“The Invitation Tour” will begin on May 28 at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio.