Leading up to his sophomore release of El Che, which released Tuesday, Chicago’s Rhymefest has done a series of interview clips from a recent filmed conversation with HipHopDX in New York City. In part four, the final portion of that discussion, ‘Fest admitted that he’s a nerd who can still fight, and said he’s tired of so much ignorance dominating Rap airwaves.

“I just have a problem with ignorance being the overwhelming trend [in Rap music],” said Rhymefest. “You need ignorance. I like ghetto music – I like all kinds of music. It’s just that when that is [the only thing you hear on radio], that’s a problem.” Previously, Rhymefest has worked with Kanye West, Lil Jon and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. His new album, El Che features Little Brother and Saigon.

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Asked about his pastimes, ‘Fest revealed, “I’m a nerd, for real. It’s ill, ’cause I’m a nerd that fights, and that’s real fucked up.” He drew a parallel to homosexuals in prison that win fights, “Or the dude in school: the nerd who beat [up the football player]. I’m that dude. [Laughs] I’m the nerd who whooped the dude on the football team’s ass. And you can’t rap better than me, nigga. And you can’t out-talk me, and you can’t out-yell me, nigga. And what?” With a laugh, he explained, “I’m that dude,” and then said he’s equally into comic books, playing Scrabble, independent films, motorcycles and working on his classic car.

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Additional Reporting by Jake Paine.