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Rhymefest Speaks On Hobbies, Admits He's A "Nerd"

Exclusive: Che compares himself to the nerd in high school, who can whoop the football star's ass.


Rhymefest Says He Has A Video For Every Song On "El Che"

Exclusive: June's "El Che" will reportedly have over a dozen videos, as Rhymefest says that in fame, ugly people control the beautiful ones.


Rhymefest Forms Group With Mikkey & J.U.I.C.E., Talks Price Of Fame

Video Exclusive: Rhymefest: "In 98% of the cases, when you reach "fame," be willing to understand that you worked your whole life for three months."


Rhymefest Says Lyrical Rappers Can Have Money Too

Video Exclusive: El Che defends lyrical-capitalism to DX, says that America is going Communist, and Rap sites are going pay-for-play.


T.I.: Serious As Ever

T.I. explains how he splits recording between writing and freestyles, reuniting with Toomp, and if he'll be on Blueprint 3.


Big Boi: Always Will Be

Daddy Fat Sacks shakes his head at beef, upholds one of Hip Hop's greatest duos, and explains his album message.


Mickey Factz

The self-proclaimed "King of The Bronx" is refreshing New York Hip Hop from swagger, to Sean Bell recognition.


Nas Unveils "Be A Nigger Too" Video Last Night To Press

HipHopDX was on hand to see the new Nas video that's awaiting approval to go public, director speaks.


Plies: Uncle Sam's Curse

Plies acknowledges his criticism on exploiting black women, as well as Sean Bell, the judicial system in a real testament.


Tiffany Villareal: The Realness

This former Aftermath songstress touches on working with Dre, the ups and downs of life, and appearing on Flo Rida's album.


Rhymefest News Exclusive pt.2

Draft Mode. Video embedded


Prodigy Buys A Bit More Time From Prison

One half of Mobb Deep gets another extension from serving his bid on the gun charge from 2006.


Big Moe Releases Album After Death

After leaving Priority Records at the top of the decade, Big Moe has major distribution again after life.


Tank: Armor For Change

With a sneak attack nomination for a Grammy, Tank is candid about the state of R&B and staying-power.


Prodigy's Big Going Away Party

Alchemist, Cormega, Big Noyd and Mobb Deep's other half all came out to say goodbye to Prodigy


Lamont Pete: The Hollywood Shuffle

MTV's first black casting director, Lamont Pete explains how reality TV has evolved, and the future of his race in TV.


Usher Readies New Album

Jermaine Dupri spilled the beans shortly before new records leaked, Young Jeezy on the current single.


Fans Get To Name Missy's New Album

Missy doesn't know what to name her upcoming album. But a contest will allow fans to name the album new project.


Vanessa Simmons Stars In New Play

Reverend Run's daughter stars in Off-Broadway play from award-winning director and playwright.


Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Estate Up In Arms Over Display

Dragonfly designs made a shirt themed by late celebrities, without the consent of some.


Gnarls Barkley Returns

With more psyche-soul in the pot, Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo are in the kitchen again for another manic musical journey.

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