After securing an exclusive distribution deal with Amalgam Digital [click to read] for All In A Day’s Work and Warning Shots 2 last week, Saigon [click to read] is working toward an official record label deal to back what he has billed as his true debut album, The Greatest Story Never Told. HipHopDX recently touched base with the New York rapper, who spoke on the possibly-next single off that project, as well as his Warning Shots 2 street album.

With singles “Pain in My Life” and “Come on Baby” releasing in the last few years, Saigon says he has not been given sufficient backing from radio stations for The Greatest Story Never Told, especially after what happened in 2007 concerning a Mobb Deep/Hot 97 show. “What people don’t really realize is that the Prodigy [click to read] incident almost fucked my career up…Being that it was a Hot 97 event, the program director pulled it, so I was pretty much banned from the radio.

While the latest track, “Believe It,” was released online last spring, Saigon stated that there was no intention for it to hit radio airwaves. “That was pretty much our song to say, ‘fuck it, we off Atlantic.’ We never really worked that as a single at all.

With that said, he did explain that once The Greatest Story Never Told does find a new home, he would like to put out “It’s Alright,” co-produced by Just Blaze and Kanye West. “I definitely want to use that as a single,” he stated.

Continuing, Saigon added, “It’s a record featuring Marsha Ambrosius from Floetry [click to read]. I think that will be one of the more impactful records [off of The Greatest Story Never Told]. It’s a real touching record.

Ambrosius, who is signed under Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records, also has her own project in works, which Saigon commented on. “Just [Blaze] is doing a lot on her record. I’m hearing a lot of it behind the scenes, and it’s coming out amazing.

Switching gears to Warning Shots 2, Saigon explained that fans can expect the sequel of Warning Shots to be a better fit to his musical talent. “It’s more well-rounded than Warning Shots 1. When I did Warning Shots 1, I was really oblivious to anything.

As Saigon has stated before, he has lent his own production on Warning Shots 2. The Mooseknuckle-native revealed to DX one of the tracks he produced, as well as how it came about. “I produced the first single myself; it’s called ‘Pussy.’ It’s about women, and I don’t really delve into that topic that much.”

Getting the co-sign from Just Blaze, Sai added, “It’s a great record. I produced it and played it for [him]. Just loved it, so he was like, ‘fuck it, put it on Warning Shots 2.’”

Looking to release that first single, followed by the full Warning Shots 2 by the beginning of summertime, Saigon is poised to make 2009 the year of the Yardfather. “I just want to put out a lot of music because my whole situation dealing with Atlantic Records kind of threw me off [track].

Saigon and Statik Selektah’s All In A Day’s Work album drops tomorrow as a digital-only release through Amalgam Digital.