Rhymefest’s recent video discussion with HipHopDX continues, as the Chicagoan revealed that June 8th’s El Che has added visuals. “I have a video for every song on the album.” [On June 1], when [El Che] comes out, you’ll see it when you pick it up,” said ‘Fest of his sophomore album.

An extension of last month’s segment on the price of fame
, Rhymefest furthered his point, “The price of fame is the willingness to have no money – the willingness to grind without money. What I’ve realized is that the rich people are the people you don’t know. The famous people – the beautiful people, are being controlled by the ugly people – the people you don’t see. You want fame? If you’re a girl, be willing to barter your pussy. If you’re a man, be willing to lose your dignity and lose a piece of your manhood. Be willing to be broke, to grind, to strive, and then when you finally make ‘fame’ – for 98% of the cases, be willing to understand that you worked your whole life for three months.” With a laugh, ‘Fest deduced, “That’s life. It’s sad/beautiful.”

Speaking about a particularly cut-throat industry, Rhymefest was asked, in the schemes of the industry, who was the “patsy” or marque. “The patsy is everybody involved, except for the person that you don’t see. Everybody you see is the patsy,” he said. “The deejay is the patsy because they might be like, ‘Yo, I love Rhymefest or I love Immortal Technique, but I can’t play them ’cause I’ve got to play this.’ What they don’t realize is you’re killing your own future because radio is dying, and it’s dying because you keep playing this. And people stop listening because you keep playing this, and you’re putting yourself out of a job.”

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Additional Reporting by Jake Paine.