This evening, HipHopDX spoke to Game. The Aftermath/Black Wall Street emcee is widely known for helping preserve the legacy of late N.W.A. founder Eric “Eazy E” Wright through songs, interviews and tattoos. Additionally, Game has spoken and rhymed about the losses of Tupac Shakur and Jam Master Jay.

Just hours after the announcement was made of Gang Starr emcee Guru’s tragic death to cancer, Game briefly commented about the legendary ’80s, ’90s and ’00s emcee. “That’s an ugly situation, man. I’ll say a couple quick words, and then we can keep it movin’,” began the Compton, California superstar. “Anytime [tragedy] springs up on you, out of nowhere, it hurts. The fact that it’s Guru, and I knew nothing about it – or his sickness [to begin with] – some people knew that he was sick, and others had no idea. I’m one of those people that didn’t know. So the only thing I can do is mourn like the rest of us and send his family my condolences and wish him well on his journey to Heaven.”

On his forthcoming R.E.D. album, due this June, Game was initially hoping to work with Guru’s former partner, DJ Premier. While new reports have said that the collaboration remains undone, Game was briefly label-mates with Gang Starr Foundation associates M.O.P. during both’s tenures at G-Unit Records.

In the interview, which will be published on DX throughout the rest of April, Game also spoke on last weekend’s Twitter dispute with producer/emcee The Alchemist. After listening to Game’s “400 Bars” freestyle, released last week, Alchemist (@AlanTheChemist) criticized the 20 minute ode as a “snooze.” Game responded with threats towards his former collaborator on Twitter. While Alchemist later reminded press that the two collaborated alongside Prodigy on his 2004 album, 1st Infantry, Game explained his bothered reaction to the hit-maker for Cam’ron, Raekwon and Dilated Peoples.

“You might think I’m just layin’ dormant, but I watch,” said Game of his @IHateGame Twitter account. “I wasn’t even following Alan [on Twitter]. You know how sometimes [things said about you] just pop up on your [Twitter] timeline? It just so happens that something made that pop up.”

The emcee says that his Twitterfeed made him aware of Al’s quick remark to “400 Bars.” “I read it and I’m like, ‘Well, why would he say that? I know it’s his opinion and whatnot, but I think that I know [Alchemist] good enough, and he knows me good enough to where he knows God-damned well that that freestyle [as ‘400 Bars’] is a problem.” Defending his freestyle and his abilities, Game said, “Let’s just say that even if I didn’t keep your attention, I still rapped for 20 minutes straight. Don’t disrespect my craft, man. That’s all I was on.”

Clarifying, Game added, “My first comment [was really me saying] ‘Come on Al, you know you wouldn’t say that to my face. You wouldn’t tell me that. So you’re gonna do it over the Internet and throw a rock then hide your hands? So that was that day. I ain’t really trippin’ on Alan, man.”

Game’s fourth major label album, R.E.D., is presently due June 15 on Aftermath/Star Trak/Interscope Records.

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