Alchemist has been bangin out street anthems for some time now. He has bombarded the scene and gained the respect of the hardest street monsters in the game who spit over his tracks. Alc started as a member of the original Soul Assassins. Whose affiliations range from House Of Pain to Cypress Hill and then some. The Debut of the A is like a pure mix tape vibe. He drafts some of the newest (PTP’s)prime time players to finesse the lyrically artful side of his first outing.

The disc starts off with heat from Prodigy and Game on “Dead Bodies” and if this is any insight on what kind of star game is going to be then it’s a great example for some straight street shit, now I’d like to see some innovative song making skills which include not only street stories but real life issues.

We have all heard the “Hold you down” banger with Prodigy, Illa Ghee and Nina Skyy, so I need not saty much more about that.

Stat Quo, Shady Records latest signee, is probably one of the most promising and really lyrically devoted Emcees that I have heard from Atlanta in years. His delivery, deflection and desire all shine on a track and he holds his own on “Stop The Show” with M.O.P with ease.

“Bangers” slips on the Production end for Alc and Lloyd Banks tries to hold the track with some tight metaphors and notes but it still didn’t move me like I thought it would.

Not to worry because on the next joint Alc comes back strong with Devin The Dude on “Where Can We Go.” Dev is one of the most divine soulful Hip-Hop artists that I have ever heard. Him and Al Blend perfectly on this one. Devin’s time is soon to come, he has eluded superstardom for some time now but he deserves it just for the way he parks on a track.

Dilated Peoples never cease to amaze me. When they get with Alc it’s a rap. The pure lyricism and production ring loud on “For The Record.” You gotta love it.

“Pimp Squad” featuring TI and P$C is also dripping some southern sweat on the disc. In the end Alchemist enlist the talents of Nas, D-Block, Chinky and others to bring us an array of sounds and songs which scream just enough for people to stand up and take notice of one the best young producers in the game. Don’t sleep on this one.

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