Word from Damian Marley & Nas’ camp is that Strong Will Continue, the single that leaked yesterday will not be on the Distant Relatives album. More specifically, the version you are hearing, will not be on the album. Instead, there is an alternate mix.

“We are extremely happy with the response that we have been receiving from the leaked version of Strong Will Continue,said Dan Dalton of Red Light Management, Damian Marley’s manager.  “While it is not the initial single we planned to release these things happen. The first track we really want everyone to sink their teeth into is ‘As We Enter.’ This is it, the ball rolling, we are really excited about the project.”

Dan also confirmed that the album will be mastered next week and will be ready to go to pressing plants shortly after that.



You can listen to this exclusive track As We Enter right here.

You can also download it by [clicking here]

For more info on the Distant Relatives project check out: distantrelatives.commyspace.com/distantrelatives