Cam’ron has announced the next project in his rapidly growing side career as a media personality: a talk show he feels could end Dr. Phil’s 20-year run.

While on the set of his new sports talk show, It Is What It Is, Cam offered fans an idea of what they could expect from his next venture, while also offering Dr. Phil and his other perceived rivals a warning.

“It’s called Come And Talk To Me, where I give advice,” Cam’ron says in a clip posted to his Instagram Stories over the weekend. “I’m taking Dr. Phil and them n-ggas outta here. Dr. Phil, y’all n-ggas’ days is numbered! I’m taking everybody outta here. Dr. Phil, you might as well wrap your shit up, ’cause I’m doing everybody Black or Brown… not even Black and Brown, every race.”

He continued: “Imma tell ’em the real advice they need to hear and stop tryna act like, ‘Well, we got my friend in the crowd, he’s a specialist. Hey, what do you think?’ Nah n-gga, stop cheatin’ on your bitch, n-gga! You be talkin’ bout, your girl crazy and all this crazy shit, but you be coming home at 5, 6, 7, 8 o’clock in the morning every morning.”

Killa Cam teased his first foray into the talk show world in December, with a handful of trailers giving fans a glimpse of what to expect from It Is What It Is almost three months before full episodes would become available on YouTube.

In one snippet, the Harlem rap legend addressed the comparisons between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Both are Hall of Fame-level quarterbacks with stacked résumés, but Brady has six more Super Bowl rings than his Green Bay Packers counterpart.

In another teaser of It Is What It shared on Instagram, Cam’ron gave his two cents on the generational gap between Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley.

The clips seemed to have the intended effect as the first episode of the show — which debuted on February 27 and featured a special appearance by Ma$e — has garnered over 150,000 views in just three weeks.

According to the show’s Instagram page, Ma$e has since been added as a permanent host on the show, though he does not appear on the most recent episode.

Their chemistry on It Is What It Is serves as further proof that the former Children Of The Corn groupmates have put aside any semblance of static that might have remained between them.

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In late January, Cam’ron and Ma$e delivered their first live performance of their classic hit “Horse & Carriage” nearly 25 years after the song was first released.

The historic performance took place during the two Harlem natives’ one-night-only show alongside Jadakiss at the Apollo Theater on Saturday (January 28). According to the venue’s website, the concert was a continuation of its 2022-2023 The Next Movement season, billed as “an exploration of what’s new, now and next in music, dance, art and ideas.”

In a video shared to social media, an excited Jadakiss is heard announcing the “first time ever” performance before Cam’Ron offers a caveat to the fans.

“Imma keep it a hundred: I ain’t do this song in so long,” he said. “So Imma just act like y’all know it and do a little bit of this [dance].” To which Ma$e added, “Yo, we never got to perform this song. We never got to perform this.”

When “Horse & Carriage” was originally released in 1998, Ma$e was one of Bad Boy Records’ biggest stars, and his appearance on Cam’s first single served as a major cosign.

However, while the two were childhood friends — having not only grown up together but also gotten their start in the music business together as members of the group Children Of The Corn — the two had fallen out by the time the song came out.