C-Bo has revealed he almost signed to No Limit Records in the late 1990s, but after being courted by Master P, the label’s founder “dropped the ball” on him.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Holdin’ Court podcast, hosted by film producer Big Court — a protégé of Master P — C-Bo spoke about P’s failure to put ink to paper.

“I got out of prison, and I’m in L.A., and I’m working on Till My Casket Drops, that’s what I’m doing,” C-Bo began. “And I got about 15 people with me, we got the whole hotel, we in there, boom. Next thing I know, I get a phone call. It’s P. And P say, ‘N-gga were you at?’ I said ‘I’m in L.A.’ He said, ‘N-gga were the address, I’m pullin’ up on you.’ I don’t know what P doing. I just got out. You feel me? P just got him a deal or some shit, you feel me?” he added.

C-Bo continued talking about his initial interaction with Master P and how he tried to persuade him to come over to No Limit Records. He also revealed that P gave him a check for $100,000 on the set of the 1998 film I Got The Hook Up.

The West Coast rapper then elaborated on why he never signed to the legendary New Orleans imprint. “I wind up going back to jail on a joint suspension,” C-Bo explained. “I was on a joint suspension, I got caught in Cincinnati. I got shipped back to Cali, doing my time in Cali, boom. Tapping in with P. Our lawyers are talking, I got my manager tryna tap in and he finally got him and we talking about doing this thang, you feel me?

“So [the] lawyers [are] going back and forth, tryna figure it out. I think we had a M [million] or some shit like that. I come out, and then it’s no more conversation about it. Seem like P just dropped the ball on me.”

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C-Bo said conversations finally came to a close once Master P signed Snoop Dogg to No Limit Records in 1998.

Another artist not on the No Limit roster that Master P put money in their pocket was 50 Cent. During a recent episode of Montgomery & Co., P said he believes he was the first person to see the G-Unit mogul’s star potential.

“Ya know, the internet will take it and be like ‘Oh, you did this.’ No. I’m the first person to believe in him [50 Cent]. That’s basically what you heard. I think a lot of people when they interview people, they don’t say that,” he began, after being asked why he chose to bankroll the G-Unit mogul’s first four shows.

“Nobody else believed in him. I seen the vision, like this guy’s a hard worker. He has a lot of talent. So, I’m going to put my money up to put him on tour — which is a blessing.”

In a 2020 interview with HipHopDX, Master P also revealed that he missed an opportunity to sign India Arie to No Limit Records.

“I just didn’t get it,” he confessed. “She would come to my house and she’d be singing with no shoes on … and I’m like how can I help this woman? I just didn’t know how because my music was so hard and she’d be like, “P I’m gonna be a star … But now, that was the one that got away.” Expressing regret, he added: “We could’ve did something incredible.”