Thai hip hop collective Rap Against Dictatorship returns with another sobering reminder to their fellow citizens in “คนที่ตัดสินใจคือฉันเอง” (The One Who Decides Is Me) ahead of the Thai general elections on May 14.

The accompanying Skanbombomb-helmed music video premiered today (May 8), which shows members Protozua, NLHz, HOCKHACKER, and Liberate P dressed as politicians in a debate. The single is set to drop on streaming platforms tomorrow.

“คนที่ตัดสินใจคือฉันเอง” arrives a day after a one-day early voting held in Bangkok, which aims to fill all 500 seats of the House of Representatives.

Upon the release of the video, Rap Against Dictatorship wrote in Thai, “We all have the same enemy, feudalism or dictatorship, of no interest to the country at all. Don’t waste your time arguing, we only have one goal,” and urges their fellow citizens to vote on May 14.

The latest offering follows their March single, “Big Brother (พี่ชาย)” which shortly arrived after the controversial group released a third version of their 2020 single “Reform” on YouTube—with a ‘video unavailable’ watermark—after the first two versions have been “sentenced to suspension in Thailand due to the Act. Computer 2007 Section 20.”

Watch “คนที่ตัดสินใจคือฉันเอง” below: