LEX has shared his latest album, King Of Everything, his follow-up to 2021’s LOGIC.

The Japanese rapper first teased the 17-track album on January 23, and released the tracklist, showing guest features from JP The Wavy, Leon Farounakis, Young Coco, ShowyVICTOR, BEXEY, Kid Trunks, Matt Ox, and Only U.

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GQ Japan also released a short documentary featuring the process of creating King Of Everything, as well as LEX’s struggles with his fame and how it affected his mental health.



“I make music for those who can’t say no and I sing about social issues,” he says. “I want to use my power effectively. I think if I stay true to what I want to say, people will get behind me.”

When asked what hip hop means to him, he answered that he “doesn’t live in [that] age anymore,” referencing the macho approach many take with the genre.

Hoping that people can find strength in his music, he says, “I’m weak, too. I’m also hurt inside, so the message [of my songs] applies to me, too.”

LEX revealed that his mental health was in bad shape, how he felt pressure and tension before his performances, describing it as a “strange” feeling: getting “stupefied and can’t move,” unable to talk to anyone, and how he decided to take antidepressants.



The documentary also dove into his relationship with his family and his peers. At one point, he broke down and acknowledged the pain he caused his mom, and asked for forgiveness.

It featured interviews with his mom, his sisters, and fellow rappers Only U and JP The Wavy, among others.

Stream King Of Everything below: