Malaysian rap OG MC Syze shares the music video for “Anneh Syze Freestyle” (translates to “Brother Syze Freestyle”) off his 2021 comeback album, Syze Does Matter.

“Anneh Syze Freestyle” details the rapper’s experiences turning to music amidst the gang and drug culture that surrounded him in his youth. MC Syze’s rhythmic rap style over his signature old-school hip hop production is refreshing, as the veteran MC reminds rappers to “stay humble” and “be real.”

The music video follows MC Syze getting around his hometown of Brickfields, a neighborhood housing Little India in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. MC Syze’s music has often represented his roots in Brickfields.

Syze Does Matter is one of HipHopDX Asia’s “20 Best Albums Of 2021,” where contributing writer Lex Celera describes it as “an honest, sobering effort that points towards a brighter direction for the veteran MC.”

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Earlier this year, the rapper announced that limited physical versions of the Fauxe-produced album are available via Trigger Happy Records.

Watch the music video for “Anneh Syze Freestyle” here:

Catch MC Syze on our episode for The Glow Up here: