SARAN is back!

The Thai rapper plays the role of a deserted astronaut in the visual for his track “ไม่พอสำหรับความรัก” (Not Enough For Love) featuring singer THAOWANZ. 

The duo premiered the track in January with an animated space-inspired visualizer by Xychedelic. In the music video, SARAN plays the lost astronaut who crashes on an unknown planet while THAOWANZ is the planet resident who watches him explore the deserted plains from afar. 

Throughout the mellow track, SARAN articulates feeling alienated: “I have everything but there is no love like others / I look weird I have two people in one body.” His flows are complemented by THAOWANZ’s smooth vocals in response: “Tired, it’s tiring, but I have to endure / Being alone is not strange to have to sink.” 

Fitting with the themes of the track itself, the video is a representation of loneliness when you feel isolated from other people. SARAN explores the barren landscape, searching for signs of life until the video comes to an end with him laying down in exhaustion. 

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Watch the video for “ไม่พอสำหรับความรัก” (Not Enough For Love) below: