It’s every fan girl’s dream come true—and more.

Last week, Thai rappers MILLI and F.HERO premiered their latest high-profile collaboration “Mirror Mirror” featuring Changbin of South Korean boy group Stray Kids and produced by NINO via High Cloud Entertainment. The cross-cultural project was a first for the trio, resulting in a track that seamlessly merges each artist’s distinct flow and artistic styles in English, Korean, and Thai.

On October 31, Stray Kids leader Bang Chan reacted to the music video on an episode of his VLIVE show, Chan’s Room. As he gives his praises for the collaboration, he says he’s listened to F.HERO’s previous works, which were recommended by GOT7’s BamBam.

However, the idol was even more taken aback by listening to the 19-year-old rap phenom MILLI.“It is my first time seeing [MILLI]. It is the first time, but the impact I got from her rap was unbelievable. And her color itself is so good like, wow, I was actually really, really amazed. I feel like I’m gonna try to look for more of her work,” he says.

Bang Chan even goes as far as to say that MILLI might be his “new favorite female rapper.” The next day, the Thai artist reacts to Bang Chan’s VLIVE on her own live broadcast, visibly crying and overwhelmed with emotion as a longtime fan—or as their fandom is called, a “STAY.”

“Oh my god. I cannot explain in words, no matter Thai or English. I cannot,” MILLI says. “I am a K-pop fan for like seven years. Right now, I’m 19. This is impossible for me, you know, like I watched them before they debut to be an artist like Stray Kids. I watched their competition with YG and JYP,” she adds as she watches the episode, breaking down and feigning a faint when she hears the high praise.

MILLI posted both hers and Bang Chan’s reactions on her Instagram account, thanking everyone who made the project possible, especially her agency YUPP Entertainment, High Cloud Entertainment, and Stray Kids’ agency JYP Entertainment.

Watch “Mirror Mirror” below: