Young rap phenom MILLI debuted the music video for her latest single “Not Yet” last night (October 19), a catchy ‘80s inspired dance-pop track that explores themes of consent.

True to the 18-year-old’s flair for the unconventional, the “Not Yet” music video features Thai actor Phiravich who is best known for his role in the highly successful 2018 Boys’ Love series Love by Chance. Phiravich plays “The Boyfriend” in the sitcom-themed music video, complete with the signature canned laughter and introductory sequences.

“หยุดน้า หยุดก่อน ขอฉันขอร้อง / ตอนนี้ยังไม่พร้อม ที่มาหาแค่อยากจะนอนกอด / ไม่ได้อยากจะ เย เย เย” (Stop it, stop it, I beg of you / Not ready yet who came to see just to lie down and hug / I don’t want to), the song opens. MILLI and Phiravich play out the roles of a couple enjoying domestic life: cooking together, watching TV together and getting ready for bed with Phiravich trying to sneak in a kiss or more in between and MILLI avoiding him altogether.

Throughout the campy cuts of the video, Phiravich also acts as a commercial model who promotes a love potion with the text “Wanna Quench The Thirst?” flashing on screen. He  attempts to give the potion to MILLI who refuses, and the pair eventually break into a dance with their hands locking into each other’s after Phiravich stops pressuring her any further. The video ends with a bright pink visual of the text “No Means No,” fading into a kitschy closing sequence of the credits.

MILLI Shows Off Vocal Chops In Dance-Pop Track ‘Not Yet’

Despite the easygoing concept of the video, MILLI delivers a loaded message to her audience on the significance of consent, across all kinds of relationships. The artist continues forging her path as a voice of her generation and was just named as one of GQ’s Voices of the Future earlier this year.

The Thai rapper and singer has built a career off her fierce stance in important issues since her 2020 viral debut single พักก่อน” (Pakkorn/You Need to Calm Down), an anti-bullying track incorporating Isan and other dialects with Thai LGBTQIA+ slang.

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Watch the music video below: