These days, you can find everything on the ‘Gram. From updates about your favorite artists to discovering the future of the culture in pretty much every corner of the app itself, no moment goes unnoticed in a mass media driven world. Instagram has long been a mainstay for photographers and video lovers alike, but the app also serves a very special purpose for musicians, celebrities and anyone who wants to get their voice heard and connect with each other.

This week’s edition of Instagram Flexin’ includes Drake’s physique and Young Thug’s prayers.

Drake’s Abs Get Called Out

Carnage accuses Drake of having fake abs. Drake fires back.

Young Thug Drops Series Of Prayers On Instagram

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Thugger covers his parents, siblings, friends, YSL artists and more in the series of videos.

SZA Celebrates Milestone

100 weeks is a long time.

The Game Explains Decision To Stop Daily Nipsey Hussle Posts

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I woke up today with a bunch of mixed emotions as sometimes we as humans do. My 1st thought was to find another inspiring picture of Nip & post it because I know there are thousands, maybe millions of you who use it & the messages below it as daily motivation. Then I thought, for his wife & family most of who follow me… might be saddened by the constant reminders not just on my page but everywhere they look online & on social media making it harder for them to find peace. So, I then sat on my bed in deep thought as to how to service all of you, continue giving you daily jewels as well as his memory all while respecting his woman & his families grieving period… When I started the #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway I did it with pure intentions of honoring my homie & his memory as I know he would’ve given his heart to servicing my memory if the same had happened to me. I didn’t think of how it’s consistency would make those closest to him feel as my posts have a long reach. In no way shape or form did posting my nigga daily do anything for me outside of making it harder for even myself to accept the reality of his passing. But as the days & the posts grew, I saw the positive effect it had on the many people who read them & that gave me a lot of joy, so I continued them. I am now at the crossroads of what to do or how to continue these motivational posts, service bros memory & give those whose wounds are re-opened with every reminder their tranquility. I can’t bring myself to totally stop posting my brother as my heart will not allow it & I have my own marathon to continue in his memory. I think the best option for me at this point will be to maybe do it once a week & call it #MarathonMondays. Let me know what you guys think… & I will use the other 6 days of the week to continue giving you daily motivation and hope that it will give you the same fuel the previous posts have. Use today as a reminder of how short life is & seize the moment for tomorrow is not promised to any of us. If any part of the above mentioned disappointed you, my apologies. I come to you in my most humbled state asking that you truly find understanding in my decisions. #TheMarathonContinues 🏁

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The Game wants Nipsey Hussle’s family to find peace without “constant reminders.”

Teairra Mari Trolls 50 Cent

The feud continues.