These days, you can find everything on the ‘Gram. From updates about your favorite artists to discovering the future of the culture in pretty much every corner of the app itself, no moment goes unnoticed in a mass media driven world. Instagram has long been a mainstay for photographers and video lovers alike, but the app also serves a very special purpose for musicians, celebrities and anyone who wants to get their voice heard and connect with each other.

This week’s edition of Instagram Flexin’ includes XXXTENTACION’s son and Bas’ tour.

DJ Scheme Shares Picture Of XXXTENTACION’s Son

X lives on through baby Gekyume.

Eminem Quotes Himself

Eminem quotes his 1999 track “Role Model.”

Juice WRLD Previews Music

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Listen😤……… I was put here to lead the lost souls Exhale depression as the wind blows These are the laws of living in vogue We’re perfectly imperfect children Raised from the dust, all of us are on a mission Never gave a f*ck, really came from rags to riches Now we live it up, driving with the rooftop missin' I don't give a f*ck, really came from rags to riches Now I live it up, driving with the rooftop missin' From the unknown, oh oh oh I ran away I don't think I'm coming back home Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa Like a crawlspace it's a dark place I roam Ain't no right way just the wrong way I know I problem solve with styrofoam My world revolves around a black hole The same black hole that's in place of my soul, uh Empty, I feel so goddamn empty I may go rogue Don't tempt me, big bullet holes DeathRaceForLove March 8th ♾🖤❤️ 📸 @llouieevillee

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Juice WRLD shares a clip ahead of his new album.

Blueface Stands Up For Cardi B

Blueface denies talking bad about his “Thotiana” remix collaborator Cardi B.

Keri Hilson Explains Delay In Releasing Music

Keri implies there have been external forces keeping her from releasing music as she’d like.

Bas Shares Tour Dates

Bas is spending March in Europe.