Twitter: home of Lil B curses, the occasional Kanye West rant and where trigger fingers turn to … you know the rest. Over time, rap has made its presence known on Twitter while providing artists with a platform to directly connect with countless fans now at 280 characters at a time.

Our favorite artists, entertainers and influencers use the site as an outlet to vent without a filter, as well as to promote their latest work. With 330 million monthly active users to interact with, feeds can sometimes get overwhelming, which is why HipHopDX curates a list of the week’s best and most memorable tweets from the Hip Hop world.

This week’s installment of Tweets Is Watching includes BlocBoy JB’s frustration and Bow Wow’s advice.

BlocBoy JB Wants “Fortnite” Acknowledgement

The Fortnite video game has incorporated BlocBoy JB’s “shoot” dance, and he’s upset that he hasn’t received his just due for it.

Lauryn Hill & Santigold’s Tour Drama

In response to a fan, Santigold revealedLauryn Hill removed her from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 20th Anniversary Tour without any type of proper notice.

YBN Cordae & Denzel Curry Have New Music Coming

The talented lyricists announced they just made a “SLAPPER.”

Update On Russ & Yung Bans Beef

Yung Bans claimed he was hacked and never settled his issues with Russ, jumping back on the Russ hate bandwagon.

Travis Scott’s Kind Offer

When a fan asked for permission to use Travis Scott’s album artwork on their high school class sweaters, La Flame one-upped him by offering to design and send them himself.

Nicki Minaj Dragged For “White People” Comments

After clashing with Cardi B at a New York Fashion Week event, Nicki Minaj went on Queen Radio referring to white people as “upper echelons,” saying “how we made ourselves look was mortifying” when speaking on the situation. Twitter wasn’t having it.

Bow Wow Reveals Past Drug Addiction

In the wake of Mac Miller’s tragic death, Bow Wow wrote a long post encouraging the youth to be drug-free, opening up about his own addiction to lean.

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