The Underground Report is back and ready to introduce our readers to some talented artists flying under the radar. In the third edition of the rebooted report, HipHopDX is highlighting tracks that dropped over the course of November that didn’t get their just due.

Check out the seven selections below. Hopefully, you’ll be delving into a few of these talented MCs’ discographies as a result.

K.A.A.N. – Inner Thoughts

Maryland’s K.A.A.N. makes intricate lyricism and tongue-twisting flows look easy. Last year, he teamed up with acclaimed producer K-Def and Redefinition Records for an excellent EP titled Uncommon Knowledge. The short length was probably a good decision because K.A.A.N.’s lyrics have a density that can be overwhelming on first listen.

On his latest track, “Inner Thoughts” produced by Cashflow, he presents something a little more accessible but still potent. Even though he’s not cranking it up to 100 here, K.A.A.N. is crafting verses that take multiple spins to fully appreciate. In a Hip Hop landscape that’s far more concerned with being melodic, K.A.A.N. is a delight to any fan who loves to hear meticulously structured rhymes.

Dave B – Peakin

If I had to place a bet on a breakout star from this list, it’d be Dave B. Fresh off a show-stealing performance on “Corner Store” from Macklemore’s Gemini album, the Seattle rapper offered up an eight-track project titled Pearl in November. “Peakin” is an obvious standout from the release and it’s absolutely addictive. Dave effortlessly switches up between entertaining bars and soulful vocals over a breezy production. Much like Dave himself, this song deserves a larger audience.

Gully – Where My Woes

In a world where bars reigned supreme, Oakland’s Gully would be championed as a premier MC of this current era. I was first introduced to the former Young Gully’s work when I heard 2010’s The Grant Station Project, a moving tribute album to the late Oscar Grant that’s among the finest work I’ve heard over the past decade.

The Bay Area native shines with introspective, sample-based records but he’s also adept at high-energy bangers more indicative of his regional scene. “Where My Woes” is just that, utilizing Whodini’s classic “Friends” to orchestrate a bouncy beat for Gully’s lyrical fireworks.

Frsh Waters – Piss Po’ f. Jean Deaux

Saba may not receive as much attention as the latest flavor of the week artist, but the Chicago stalwart has carved out a nice lane for himself in Hip Hop. His success has opened the door for his Pivot Gang crew to get a foot in the door too. Pivot co-founder Frsh Waters is the most recent recipient of recognition thanks to Saba’s breakthrough.

Waters’ material is basically non-existent because he’s been locked up for the past three years, but he’s back and (re)introducing himself to the world with the Saba-produced “Piss Po.” The single is hypnotic and features a masterful guest spot by fellow Windy City rapper Jean Deaux. Waters is no slouch, but it’s Deaux who arrives with the force of a tornado, kicking a flurry of rhymes on the second verse before making her exit.

Doeman – Mexican Executive

The spotlight on Houston rap is not as bright as it once was despite its influence permeating through Hip Hop. Latin rap is in a similar position with the talent clearly existing but without gaining the same level of attention that the likes of Big Pun, Cypress Hill and Baby Bash once enjoyed.

This convergence of factors might be why Houston’s Doeman isn’t a bigger deal. Despite just being in his mid-20s, Doeman’s already got a large discography — and it’s not a quantity over quality approach either. His latest project, From My Soul To Yours, officially dropped in October but he gave it an extra push in November by releasing a few choice cuts on SoundCloud. One of them, “Mexican Executive,” is a boastful track that acts as a quality showcase for his lyricism. The song is just a taste of what he’s capable of, so don’t settle for the appetizer.

Magno Garcia – Raise The Conscious f. King Author & Code Nine

Jordan C over at Mass Appeal deserves an assist for showing love to Magno Garcia’s “Raise The Conscious.” The King Author and Code Nine-assisted track is tailor-made for fans of traditional East Coast Hip Hop with producer Giallo Point serving up the antithesis of a trap rap beat. Garcia and his guests adeptly find the pocket and accentuate the smooth beat with their respective rhymes. The song appears on Garcia’s recently released Chandelier Shining album — which includes production by Nottz and Camoflauge Monk — but all three MCs are worthy of your attention.

Trizz – The Backstreet f. G Perico

G Perico is one of the rising stars the West Coast at the moment, so Trizz was smart to collaborate with him. But make no mistake, Perico’s not the only reason to praise “The Backstreet.” Trizz is a problem on the microphone and coming off an impressive guest spot on CunninLynguists’ latest album, Rose Azura Njano.

His latest single is drenched in Cali flavor and should entice fans for his upcoming Ashes N Dust LP, which drops on December 15 through a Netherlands imprint called Below The System. Trizz gets an opportunity to further prove his skill in a few weeks but in the meantime, “The Backstreet” is evidence of why he should part of your listening habits.