Instagram began as something more about dinner pictures than beef initiation. Then it evolved into a video platform for those wanting to give a 15 second glimpse into moments. Somewhere in the middle, celebrities, including rappers, are bypassing the usual press roll for direct fan interaction. While some attempt to give a mystique about themselves, many let it all go in terms of their personal lives. And to think, it’s all from the comforts of their smartphone. Considering the amount of famous folks on the social network, it can be a lot to filter through post displaying everything from their luxurious lifestyle to studio sessions. With that in mind, HipHopDX presents a weekly feature for those looking to have a filtered look into the lives of your favorite notable humans.

This week, Chris Brown and Playboi Carti collaboration in the works, and DJ Khaled’s GRATEFUL hits #1.

Lil Bibby Gives Back To The Children

Can't say no to the lil ones

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Mac Miller Rocks “I’m Not A Rapper” Hoodie

wheels still turning

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In the stu.

Chris Brown & Playboi Carti Collab Coming Soon

🔥 on da way

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Here for it.

Gucci Mane Goes International


Bouldercrest to Belgium 🇧🇪 #InternationalWop

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Touching down in Belgium.

Snoop Dogg Responds To Rob Kardashian Breakdown


Sucker shit adds up to this 🤷🏾‍♂️💔🖤

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Preach, Uncle Snoop!

21 Savage Says He’s The “Realist”

777 realist nigga doing it ain't no comparison

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No comparison.

Nipsey Hussle On The Summer Fest Cruise


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To the Caribbean.

Pharrell With His Game Face On

When they don't tell you somethin 'bout to blow up @jeanimbert

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Steph & Ayesha Curry On 4th Of July


July 4, 2017. One for the books! (📸 @createdbyjazmiyagi)

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God bless America.

DJ Khaled’s “GRATEFUL” Hits #1

Bless up.

Kanye West & 2 Chainz Have Lunch

Happy Sunday

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Happy Sunday.

Young Thug Pays Tribute To Pimp C



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Wale & Rick Ross Are Besties

Best friends and best fries! #boss

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Posted at the MMG pool party.

Amber Rose Calls Out Kodak Black

Smh this really makes me so sad. Being a "yellowbone" 🙄 mixed light-skinned woman I know unfortunately that Modeling jobs, boys and opportunities came to me easier but did not realize that until I got older. Growing up in Philly I went to an all black school. I was the "white girl" The one that the boys DIDN'T like, The girl that wasn't as cool as the brown skinned girls. Black was the thing to be! 😍 But for me my mom was my only black parent, my dad was as white as snow and I came out just as light as him. I would lay out in the sun and try to get as dark as I could. I would look at all of the beautiful dark skinned girls in my class and wish that I could wear bright color shirts like they did but it never quite looked as good on my complexion…… but the Brown skinned girls would pick on me, pull my hair and want to fight me for no reason? Why tho?! I loved them! I wanted to be them! Little did I know at such a young age society was teaching them to hate me. Society was telling these girls that they weren't as beautiful as me because of their complexion. They were too strong and too outspoken. It was OK for men to have sex with them behind closed doors but not OK to have them on their arm. As if light skinned girls were some type of trophy for a man, it was a social status smh. Insinuating that he had money or he just had a "bad bitch". I wanted to be them and they wanted to be me. Getting older I found myself always battling racism and feminism, asking directors why isn't there any dark skinned girls in the music videos I was featured in? Even when I was Stripper maybe there were 1 or 2 brown skinned girls that would get hired because they didn't want the club to be too "Black" 😔 I can't help that I was born with light skin but I am a woman before anything else! We need to stick together as women and educate society, educate men like this with black mothers! Not let men/people dictate what type of woman is in style or more beautiful. We are all smart and capable of being great! No matter where we come from or what complexion we are! If no one tells you you're beautiful I'm here to tell you that you are! 😍 let's change the stigma I love you all – Muva

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Giving her own personal testimony.