Tory Lanez claimed he was discriminated against while shopping at the high end Canadian boutique Holt Renfrew, but rather than take his money elsewhere (which would have been the logical solution), he instead decided to drop $35,000 in the store as his “fuck you” to the employee. Or as he put it on Twitter: “35,00 in HOLT RENFREW … cuz this Nigga tried to play me like I was broke.”

Clearly, the Grammy Award-nominated artist missed his Pretty Woman moment. In the classic 1990 romantic comedy, Julia Roberts’ character gets shunned by a snobby clothing store for wearing her “hooker” clothes only for her to return the next day having spent thousands of dollars elsewhere. “You work on commission, right? Big mistake. Big. Huge,” Roberts told the clerk in a moment of glory.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, he reportedly said: “I gotta get him. Look at his ass. Say hello. Yeah, we balled out your shit. We walked in the store…he ain’t think we was gonna buy nothing. We balled out his shit. We Gucci down. We Louis Vuitton down…”



Lanez also tweeted in defense of his loose spending, writing: “It’s not the fact that we spent $35K in there, we were already going there to do that. It’s the fact that HE didn’t get the percentage.”

But the internet wasn’t having it. It was undeniably a bonehead move and Lanez quickly got called out on it by countless users, including the always vocal DJ Akademiks. 

Check out some of the best reactions below.