XXXTENTACION has been making a lot of waves for his unruly live performances — from having fans hold him as he dangles from balconies to licking bare breasts on stage, he’s turning his entertainment value up way past 10 night after night — except for Wednesday night (June 7) when he was KO’ed during his set.

But he’s far from the first rapper to catch hands, get jumped or have their jewelry snatched while rocking on stage, and will certainly not be the last.

Acts like the late Prince B, who KRS-One infamously threw off stage before grabbing the mic and performing “South Bronx,” was spared lasting embarrassment hidden thanks to a lack of modern cell phone videos, but many newer acts haven’t been so fortunate. A great example is ILoveMakonnen, who after being brought on stage during a Rae Sremmurd show at NYC’s SOBs was attacked by an audience member while performing his hit “Tuesday.”

Another slightly embarrassing moment is when “Buss It Baby” rapper Plies was not only checked, but also body slammed by what can loosely be described as a fan. This came after some tough talk from the rapper. To his credit, he noted security was virtually non-existent and claimed he was the victim of a handful of attacks that took place around this period.

Then there are more controversial onstage squabbles like the Prodigy and Saigon fight. Though there are many conflicting accounts of the incident, Saigon shared his take with HipHopDX back in 2007.

“Them niggaz was 30 deep, and I went to their party, grab the mic, did my song and punched Prodigy in his face,” Sai told DX. “I wasn’t even on the bill to perform.”

While not a performance, no one has taken a bigger onstage L than Slowbucks. After speaking a little loosely about 50 Cent on a track, he found himself on stage during the G-Unit’s Hot 97 Summer Jam set in 2014. During a rendition of “Cuffin’ Season,” Slowbucks was jumped and robbed. This altercation stemmed from a beef between 50 Cent and Trav, but Fiddy denied any knowledge of the actual event.

The situation was widely discussed and Slowbucks’ involvement was highly criticized.

Battle rappers aren’t immune to catching fades either. With the aggressive nature of the battles you can find online, it’s surprising that more rappers aren’t getting hit. The most notable is Brooklynite Math Hoffa, who’s often associated with helping to jump-start the Smack DVD era single-handedly. While battling, he punched Dose and Serius Jones. He later caught one courtesy of Dizaster.

There have also been many cases of acts who “saw it coming.” 50 Cent, Action Bronson, Tyler The Creator and more have been known to eject unwanted figures from their stage personally.

XXXTENTACION wasn’t so lucky, but that’s because he didn’t see it coming — cheap shots don’t gain hood passes. If the recent situation with wifisfuneral’s recent “jumping” incident after diving into a crowd has revealed anything, it’s that the show will go on.

X may be dominating the news cycle, but that’s only until “the saga continues” and another rapper catches a quick two-piece.